About us

Asia’s one of the dedicated proffessional training institution situated in Malaysia now launching in the fiber optic technlogy in India to promote the Indian students the field of fiber optics.Institute of Fiber Optic Technology (IFOT) was established in 2009 by a wide-ranging team of established fiber industry professionals. Our mission was to fill a gap that exists in the industry of fiber optic educational services by offering programs that build strong foundations in both the theory and day-to-day practices required to get hired and succeed in a fiber optic career.

There are many stale or outdated programs being taught everyday - limiting the production and success levels of course graduates and the companies in which they are a part. We pride ourselves on providing our students with the most modern and up-to-date techniques and equipment during our training courses. A IFOT student's time in class is utilized solely for the learning of applicable information and skills to promote their future success...unlike other programs which spend a lot of time training in areas and subjects that are not practical or crucial to their everyday success as workers in the industry.

Through IFOT's global contacts and defined educational process our goal is not only to educate or provide short-term fulfillment of needs - but to add our graduates to our vast network of contacts and opportunities. In a smaller industry like this one, it's not only what you know but who you know. By bringing together the fundamental concepts, the right contact, and modern real-world practices, we set up the individual or company to obtain the highest levels of success.

Even in this age of rapidly advancing technology and endless information availability, individuals looking for a new career have a tough road ahead to find the proper school or training program. Finding the right fit for their current availability, previous education, geographical location, future career goals, and their budget can be extremely difficult. Our staff is here to speak with you about your current situation and future goals to see if a career in fiber optics is right for you.