There is a great need in the industry for practical application techniques to work in conjuction with the fundamental principals of fiber optic technology. All of our subject matter is geared towards on-the-job, in the field, behind the desk real every day customer interfacing technologies, methodologies, and techniques needed to succeed today. By using the most current and up to date materials, components, and technical equipment we prepare our students not for a test or certification - but a successful career.

Our faculty is comprised of knowledgeable professionals with a diverse background in field experience, training, management, network development, consulting, inspecting, and general network operations. Through our many years of experience in all facets of the industry we've gained invaluable insight on how to take advantages of current and future opportunities available. We wish to give back this knowledge to those individuals looking to re-educate, continue their industry education, or simply enter a new and exciting career.

Our unprecedented long-term support allow us to maintain lasting relationships with our students and stay involved in furthering their development long after course completion. We believe the sky truly is the limit in this industry, and will do everything necessary to provide a lasting positive influence in the careers of our graduates and friends.